Kven resources


This is the English-language guide for Kven resources available online. Current resources for the Kven language are only available in the Kven language or in Norwegian, thus it is important to refer to these resources no matter where your Kven level is at.


This is a tentative list and will be updated if there is any new resource. Feel free to suggest more through the "Contact Us" page.


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Books and online resources:

Kainun kielen grammatikki

This grammar is written by linguist Eira Söderholm and is considered the best Kven grammar to be released. This is the very first edition so omissions do exist. The entire book is in Kven, and it can be a good read for those who want to practice reading in your target language. Available at the Kven Institute’s website or at Amazon.uk.


Kvensk grammatikk:

This is the Norwegian translation for the book Kainun kielen grammatikki. Available at the Kven Institute’s website.


Minun kieli - minun aaret series (No audio):

Minun kieli - minun aaret is a series of books available on the Kven Institute’s website. They teach you Kven from elementary level to intermediate level.


Kvensk.no (No audio):

Kvensk.no offers courses in PDF files. The site mostly focuses on building up your vocabulary and a bit of the Kven grammar. The entire website is written in Norwegian.


 ISSUU - Kven (No audio):

APESTREKER tegnekontor uploads free courses in Finnish, Kven, and Northern Sami. The download button is currently disabled, but it is still useful to view these courses. All booklets are written in Norwegian.


Allmenn innføring i skriving av kvensk (Introduction to Kven writing (No audio) :

This small booklet gives you an overview of Kven orthography and written Kven. Available at the Kven Institute’s website.


YouTube videos in Kven:

There are some useful Youtube videos where people use the Kven language. Some videos are entirely in Kven while other videos mix between Norwegian and Finnish. 


Story in Kven:

This site provides short stories in many languages, including Kven. Audio is available to those who have a flash player.


Audio course:

Meiđän joukko:

Meiđän joukko is set up by the University of Tromsø, and is by far the best audio course online. However, the course is rather intermediate, so it is recommended to finish elementary courses first and then proceed to this website. Corresponding translation of the dialogues is only available in Norwegian. 




Oahpa.no is the only online Kven - Norwegian dictionary. There are quite a lot of words but the application is rather limited. 



SANA AITTA is a PDF dictionary based on the literature of Alf Nilsen-Børsskog. Only available in Norwegian, with occasional Finnish translations to some words. 

Bildetema Kvensk (No audio):

Bildetema is the largest online visual dictionary provided by OsloMet. It includes everyday words ranging from housing to animals to medical services. Other languages have audio recordings of the words but the Kven language, unfortunately, does not have any audio yet. The website also loads very slowly so be patient. 



Ruijan Kaiku:

The largest Kven language news available today. The majority of the articles are published only in Kven, with some being bilingual (Norwegian and Kven), and still others in Finnish. Ruijan Kaiku can be a good reference for word choice, lexical use, and so on.


NRK Kvääni:

NRK Kvääni is subordinate to NRK, the largest broadcasting website in Norway. Most articles are in Norwegian, but it also offers short video clips and documentaries where you can learn a bit of the Kven language from Native speakers.